About Praslin

Praslin, the second main island of the Seychelles Archipelago has a population of approximately 7000 inhabitants. The island enjoys a laid back, slow-paced lifestyle filled with joie-de-vivre. The locals are all friendly and welcoming, fitted to serve the islands’ main economic activity which is tourism.

Praslin is also the home of the Vallee de Mai, a lush green garden which is the natural habitat of the world’s largest nut, the Coco de Mer, as well as the endemic black parrot and various other endemics palms, plants and insects. This world heritage site is surely not to be missed.

Anse Lazio Beach is also a must visit. One of the world’s most stunning beaches of the world, Anse Lazio’s azure sea water and fine white sandy beach is ideal for a relaxing treat on your holiday.

Renowned for being a fishing village in the olden days, the Cote D’or, also known as the golden coast was the nesting place for many Pirogues (small wooden boats used for fishing). Though time has worn away the Pirogues, Cote D’or coastlines remains an ideal mooring spot for small boats as well as an easy access to neighbouring islands and snorkeling spots, such as Curieuse Island, Aride Island and St Pierre Island.


Pirogue Lodge

Activities that can be organized

During your stay, the following activities can be facilitated:
• Taxi Services
• Private Transfer Services
• Car Rental Services
• Snorkelling
• Island Tours
• Boat Excursions
• Island Hopping
• Big Game Fishing
• Scuba Diving
• Hair Dresser
• Massage
• Wedding Arrangements
• Flowers and Gifts

The ever efficient staffs remain at the client’s disposal to facilitate any special activities should they be available on the island.